Vegan Cooking Classes


Our next cooking class features raw vegan fare! Join us!
(Save the dates! Upcoming classes on June 7 and 24. Details to come…)

Thursday, April 26th, 2018
6 to 9 p.m.
Chris’s YIG, 82 Lorne Street, Sudbury
Cost is $10 per person
Registration in advance is required. Click here to register online

“The Kitchen Appliance That Will Up Your Game: High-Powered Blenders”

The menu will showcase what a high-powered blender can do to up your cooking game!

1-We will start off with a delicious and healthy smoothie that everyone will enjoy.
2-Next we will prep a cashew cheesecake
3-After that, we’ll prep a Caesar Salad Dressing – where we will prep a kale Caesar salad made with Smart Greens – Sudbury kale, Maple ‘Bacun’ Tempeh and Croutons.
4-From here we will make a creamy Alfredo sauce to be enjoyed alongside some raw spiralized zucchini and yam pasta.

***Students will enjoy the Caesar Salad, Raw Alfredo Pasta and a slice of Cheese Cake once prep is complete.

Catherine Rasi, Owner The Nutty Acorn Catering Company (Upcoming)

Catherine has been a vegetarian since she was 13 years old (as soon as she became enlightened enough to realize the connection between food and her love for all animals). She and her husband have been dedicated vegans for 3 years.

Catherine is a huge vegan foodie and self-taught vegan chef with a deep passion for holistic health and nutrition. When she was younger she religiously watched the Food Network, which fostered her passion for cooking and taught her many techniques. She loves traveling and dining at vegan restaurants wherever they may be. She is an advocate and practitioner of a mostly holistic raw vegan diet and enjoys the challenge of taking a favorite recipe and making it healthy, raw and of course, vegan.

When she’s not cooking up a storm, she can be found teaching yoga (Long Lake Yoga), hiking with her dogs, spending time with family and tending to her gardens. In August 2017 she catered her own all-vegan wedding for 100 guests. It was a huge success and it led to the creation of an upcoming all-vegan catering company called The Nutty Acorn Catering Co. through which she aims to show people how exciting and rewarding a vegan lifestyle is.